WSZO to get new home

Journal 12/6/1985

P1 Majuro mayoress? Amatlain Kabua was the top vote-getter in last Saturday’s mayoral election for Majuro Atoll but did not receive more than 50 percent of the votes with 12 other candidates running for the post. As a result, said Electoral Commission Chief Shiro Riklon, there will be a run-off election between her and Tibrikrik Samuel, who came in second.

P3 New home for WSZO The Marshall Islands will be receiving a new radio and TV broadcasting facility courtesy of a Japanese government grant in the near future. Minister of Foreign Affairs Tony deBrum is expected to sign an agreement with Japan officials later this month that will pave the way for the Japanese grant.

P4 The OR men The hospital operating room staff were happy recipients of thousands of dollars worth of equipment donated by a Mercy International Hospital in the US. Opening the boxes of surgical equipment were Robert Kiluwe, Kranchy Minor, Hemerald Lokeijak, and Libwel Joel.

Journal 12/5/1997

P1 RMI $1m for Ebeye fix The problems at Ebeye were important agenda items at the US-Marshall Islands Joint Committee Meeting held in Majuro at the end of last month, with discussions focused on what is being done immediately to address problems with Ebeye’s power, water, sewage and hospital services. An effort is underway to get the desalination plant — which hasn’t worked for about two years — and power plant engines repaired. Foreign Secretary Bobby Muller said it is in the US interest to help improve Ebeye conditions because a large part of the Army’s workforce lives there. But, he emphasized, the “main responsibility for improving the situation on Ebeye does not fall on the US. The responsibility for Ebeye rests with the Marshall Islands.”

P12 Wrestlers: We’ll return with medals Five Marshallese wrestlers are leaving Majuro this Friday to compete in the third Samoa International Games in Apia. The guys are all confident they’ll be coming home with medals and will be going for gold all the way. Kenneth Kramer, Edward Adiniwin, Freddy Chong Gum, Richard Anjain and team captain Waylon Muller will be representing the Marshall Islands at the games along with coach Andrew Bing.

P16 Marshallese Cultural Center opens on Kwajalein The new center features historical artifacts and photos lent by the Alele Museum. Other exhibits highlight the art of navigation and sailing as well as fishing. An exhibit on the Kabua family on loan from Irooj Michael Kabua is showcased at the new center.

Journal 12/5/2008

P3 AMI still grounded Air Marshall Islands planes remain grounded, and AMI’s office has a “Closed” sign up. All flights have been grounded for more than six weeks. AMI and Directorate of Civil Aviation officials are currently in Australia inspecting a Dornier 228 for possible lease, according to AMI officials. Meanwhile, the Dash-8’s replacement landing gear is on island but additional parts are needed to get the plane back into operation.

P4 Rats run around children’s ward Majuro hospital is loaded with rats, broken faucets and lacks some basic medicines. That is the view of three adults who spent many hours at the hospital in the past week with children who were ill or hurt.

P10 Deborah, Monique win award Deborah Shoniber and Monique Graham won an award and gifts at a Women’s Development workshop held in Taipei, Taiwan last month. Taiwan Ambassador to the RMI Bruce Linghu nominated Shoniber for the workshop, while Graham was nominated by WUTMI. “We won the award for Best Participants for our country report and powerpoint presentation,” said Shoniber.

P17 No Tribunal payouts in 2008 The Nuclear Claims Tribunal confirmed in a statement there will be no annual compensation payment in 2008. The statement, issued by Chairman Gregory Danz on November 7, also states that the initial payment for any new awards will be limited to five percent of the total award due. The unpaid personal injury awards made by the Tribunal to date is $22.7 million. The unpaid class action property awards total more than $2.25 billion. Since inception, the Tribunal has paid out more than $73.5 million for personal injuries and about $3.9 million has been paid for property awards.


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