60 released from quarantine

Three Ministry of Health and Human Services nurses from Ebeye who are remaining on Kwajalein to work with the 10 Marshallese still in quarantine, from left: Oling deBrum, Michael Diaz and Taina Kubulala at Kwaj Lodge Wednesday. Photo: Hilary Hosia.

Sixty of the 70 people in the latest repatriation group were released Tuesday April 26 following multiple negative Covid tests. But 10, who tested positive at different times since they first arrived Kwajalein on April 12, are remaining in quarantine at the US Army Garrison-Kwajalein Atoll.

The 60 released included 11 in Majuro and 49 in Kwajalein. The 49 in Kwajalein had no contact with the 10 Covid positive people, who are living in two apartments on the base. The other 49 were either in the Kwaj Lodge or separate apartments, according to the Ministry of Health and Human Services.

“These individuals (who were released this week) do not pose an infectious threat to the community,” said the Ministry of Health.

Assuming that the 10 positive individuals test negative on their final day in quarantine, they are eligible for release as follows:

• seven individuals Friday this week
• one individual May 3
• two individuals, the most recently detected cases, May 9.

Upon release May 9, these last two individuals will have spent nearly one month in quarantine.


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