Night market a hit in Majuro

The Beh’s Cakeshop team was out in force with numerous tasty treats on sale for the night market. Photo: Wilmer Joel


For the first time ever during Breast Cancer Awareness month, a “Pinking of you” Night Market was organized as part of community outreach awareness raising.

Last Saturday night’s event was organized by the Ministry of Health and Human Services, Breast Cancer Society, Cancer Support Group, and Women United Together in the Marshall Islands at the Robert Reimers Enterprises parking lot. It proved to be a night of wondrous innovations.

There were 27 booths showcasing beauty products, foods, school fundraisers, handicrafts, paintings, island products and many other essential commodities.

Unlike most night markets, this is the first one to have a wearable arts competition and fashion showcase that represents the struggles and challenges of breast cancer that were designed by Bharti Bachani and Nika Wase.

The models for this showcase were Christian Labaiwod deBrum, Alana Hernandez, Kairi Wase, Elyna Barwa Jacklick, Zyla Momotaro, Nilep Kendall, Kiran Datwani, and Saakshi Bachani.

Providing music and entertainment were local artists and legendary singer Jabubu. Although spectators were enjoying the night market and having a great time it was cut short due to the interference of a heavy rain.