Career Day a hit at MIHS

The Vocational Department teacher and students were part of the MIHS Career Day program during Education Week last week. Photo: Elmer Joel.

Education week went well for Marshall Islands High School (MIHS), with a Career Day the highlight.

For Career Day, the school invited government departments and non-government organizations to showcase their responsibilities to the students — so that students may learn from them, and get inspiration to one day replace them in their seat. This was actually based on this year’s Education Week theme, “Reach, Educate, and Inspire.”

Many organizations came to the school, including the Marshall Islands Red Cross Society, NCD Coalition, Youth to Youth in Health, College of the Marshall Islands and many more. As the program began, emcee Chimako Anitok called upon the guest speakers of each organization to share their experience — as students of MIHS in the past. Most of the guest speakers were alumni. One of them was Stevenson Kotton who is the vice president of the College of the Marshall Islands.

“I used to walk on these school grounds as you do, I used to walk up and down the school steps as you do,” he said. Many of these speakers gave wonderful and inspiring speeches that were uplifting to the students. From observation, the students even smiled and nodded as each speaker gave their speech.

Following the speeches, the event got more interesting when students and teachers performed songs and dances. Some were solo, and some were all together. After all the performances, the students were now able to go to the booth of all the agency and organization that were invited.

“Wow, I never knew how much contribution these people make to our country,” said MIHS DJ and sound crew Tony Kabua, a 12th grader. “Now I hope I could make my own contribution to his country from all this information I gained.”

Indeed lots of drills and demonstrations were shown to the students at booths, either how to cook or to save some one’s life. After that, lunch was provided and everybody went home with a full stomach and with plenty leftover.

“I hope that I could become a doctor one day,” said Marynuia Lenja of 12A. “And from what I learned, I am inspired to reach towards my goal.”

Every student should have that mindset, to work hard, very hard, to reach their goals; “educate” themselves to be better and intelligent people and to “inspire” others to do the same. So that Marshall Islands can be well equipped through the hands of the future generation who will rise and replace the older generation, in becoming the leaders, the workers, and the facilitators of this county. And set the course for a brighter and prosperous tomorrow.

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