Ebon’s new libraries showcased

President David Kabua and First Lady Ginger Shoniber-Kabua and delegation are greeted by the community shortly after arriving at Ebon Atoll last week for the official opening of libraries at the three schools on the atoll. Photo: Ayako Yamaguchi–Eliou.

President David Kabua and First Lady Ginger Shoniber-Kabua attended the opening of three libraries on Ebon Atoll last Thursday.

Ebon leadership made a priority to provide quality education for the students which led to the idea of establishing libraries at the three schools of Ebon, Toka, and Enekoion — the three main communities on Ebon Atoll. The ceremony began with an opening prayer by United Church of Christ Rev. Jormelu.

Special remarks were delivered by President Kabua along with additional remarks by Rijino Jibas, Minister Kitlang Kabua, Minister John Silk, and Acting Mayor of Ebon Ayako Yamaguchi–Eliou.

The ceremony included a ribbon cutting by the First Lady, Lerooj Kiolani Kabua Hermon, Minister Kabua, Alap Nora Saul, and Mary Silk.

The project was a collaborative effort among many partners and individuals who brought the libraries to life including Yokwe Club, KIO Club, US Embassy, PII, Peggy Trevor, Shawn Clark, and Mere Tamanisau.


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