John gets Nitijela nod

Former Member of Parliament from Ebon Atoll John Silk, speaking at COP28 in Dubai last December. Nitijela unanimously approved Silk as the RMI’s new ambassador to the United Nations in New York. Photo: Chewy Lin.

The appointment resolution for former Nitijela Member John Silk as Marshall Islands Ambassador to the United Nations was introduced in Parliament Monday.

Parliament members unanimously passed the resolution without contest to appoint the former Ebon Parliament Member to the UN post.

Silk has been a special consultant to President Hilda Heine since she took office in January.

Ambassador Amatlain Kabua has been the RMI ambassador to the United Nations for many years. She was praised for her decades of service by Minister of Foreign Affairs Kalani Kaneko.

“Our nation would like to acknowledge and thank Ambassador Amatlain for her extraordinary service at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade,” Kaneko told the Journal this week. “MoFAT has offered her the Senior Foreign Policy Advisor Position at the home office.”

Kaneko said Kabua is the longest serving RMI ambassador “with many years of distinguished service in Fiji, Japan, and United Nations.”

He said her experience “is an asset for our nation,” and he indicated his hope that “she can also guide and train our foreign service officers/career diplomats.”
Kaneko talked about her contributions.

“In her exit meeting with me, she expressed her sincere appreciation to all the previous administrations who allowed her to serve in this capacity,” he said. “She also mentioned the importance of molding and training our younger generation to step up and take on the torch. I was deeply moved by her comments and willing to continue her service for the Republic in another critical post.”

Kaneko said he “cannot think of anyone other than Ambassador Amatlain to prepare our upcoming generation who will lead our foreign services.”

He said she would be taking some time off and he looked “forward to her return after many years of service outside our islands. I am very thankful for her willingness to continue her service with our ministry.”


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