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TW-pic-12-4Journal 12/3/1976

P1 Micronesia: World’s biggest exclusive ocean economic zone? Elected and traditional leaders from Truk, Ponape, Kusaie, Marshalls, Yap and Palau are attending the first Micronesian Conference of Law of the Sea. Despite differences over the issue of future political status, one question remains: Can the districts agree on a common position on Law of the Sea, such as the proposed 200-mile exclusive economic zone for Micronesia? Delegates at the meeting are aware that a united front on the Law of the Sea issue could make the islands one of the largest single exclusive ocean resource zones in the world, a zone that could prove to be an invaluable asset for Micronesia, which is now overly dependent on US aid for survival.

P5 About Edward R. Doane by Mary Browning The following was published in The Missionary Herald, a publication of the American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions, of February 1859. It concerns the early months of mission work at Ebon. Journal of Mr. Doane, March 10, 1858: “It will be remembered that Messrs. Doane and Pierson, with their wives, were left at Ebon by the Morning Star, in December 1857. There have been some attempts to steal from us, and even to enter our house in the night; but we were awakened in time to put the thief to flight. As to our lives, we have experienced the most perfect safety; and we are gaining rapidly, I trust, upon the affections of the highest chief. Dr. Pierson has been enabled to hold service each Sabbath since our landing, and he has his house crowded…I am giving all my time to the acquisition of the language…”

Journal 12/7/990

P1 AMI: One more year to break even He’s conservative in dress and manner, down to the dark, substantial suspenders and smooth calm voice. He’s got a bit of the school teacher in him, too, the way he naturally gravitates to the large white board on his wall to illustrate a point or idea. And he’s got one hell of a problem: managing an airline at a time of skyrocketing fuel costs, costs that have shot up from 84 cents a gallon to $1.94 a gallon. But it must be Christmas time here in the Marshalls, for Don Brugman, managing director of Air Marshall Islands, is optimistic. “If it wasn’t for the fuel price problem we would be just about breaking even now,” he says. The surprise is that he is talking about the airline’s jet service, not just the relatively untroubled Fiji route which has a substantial footing already established. His observation flies in the face of widespread speculation that AMI has been making no real progress over the past year.

P3 Rudy ruins Ronnie’s record Rudy Aliven and his But Wiser teammates helped the Marshalls Billfish Club to conclude its 1990 schedule of competitions in style by setting a new club record with a 525 lb. marlin that broke the old record of 506 lb. set in May 1988 by Ronnie Reimers.

P17 Jeptas From Laura to Rita you can see lots of jeptas practicing as they get ready for Christmas Day. Some practice in the evenings and some late at night.  Some practice out in the open and some practice with the doors close so they can keep their steps a secret. This year should be bigger and better than ever with some new jeptas coming from the Salvation Army and the new Mormon churches out in Long Island to Laura. The dancing could go on all night. Some jeptas to look for this year: RRE, Rita Youth, Uliga Youth and MIHS Glee Club.

P21 Mayors conference 1990 President Amata Kabua spoke at the opening of the mayors conference held at the RES cafeteria last week. The conference was organized by the ministries of Interior and Outer Islands Affairs and Education. VIPs in attendance included Ministers Phillip Muller and Amsa Jonathan, Mayor Amatlain Kabua, Leroj Atma Zedkaia, and Speaker Kessai Note.

Journal 12/3/1999

P24 Technical difficulties The ballot box at the outer islands polling station in Delap may have been made at the end of the day when the carpenters were tired because the hole for inserting the envelopes was almost too small to fit the votes into the box. It took voters several minutes of smoothing out their ballot envelopes before they could squeeze their votes into the box.

P28 Are you aware that there were 854 postal absentee ballots counted in the recent election, and 188 rejected?