Local film a hot item

Journal 5/16/1986

P1 Wife and child abuse up in Marshalls? A young Marshallese women was severely beaten at home by her husband two weeks ago. Several days later, she was dead of head injuries she received from the beating. This incident once again brings to the forefront questions about wife and child abuse in the Marshall Islands. One local doctor said that he personally admitted about six women during 1985 with injuries from beatings by their husbands that were severe enough to require hospitalization.

P5 Hospital ready this Friday Welcome to the new Majuro hospital. Friday, May 16 will be business as usual, but a new location for hospital staff. The move from Armer Ishoda Memorial Hospital in Uliga is to be completed Thursday and Friday most hospital services will be functioning at the Delap facility.

P13 Alele TV program debut The Alele Museum’s oral history project takes to the air waves for it debut showing next week Tuesday on MBC channel 7. Robert Reimers is sponsoring the program which will be broadcast every Tuesday at evening at 8pm. “There are very few — if any — of this type of program in other Pacific nations,” said Alele Director Jerry Knight. “It’s all designed for an by Marshallese.”

P15 Imada says maybe he’ll resign Despite his absence during the heat of the Ebeye blockade that followed RepMar’s eminent domain action at Kwajalein two weeks ago, Kwajalein Senator and Irooj Imada Kabua was in Majuroi last week ready to battle for the landowners’ rights which he said were betrayed by RepMar’s action. The Senator said he is considering resigning from Nitijela: “I cannot see myself associating with this kind of government.”

Journal 5/15/1998

P21 Namdrik’s Tiem Clement wins Outrigger Cup A Namdrik canoe turned out to be the speediest for both sailors and paddlers, winning both the men’s and women’s races Saturday in the second annual Outrigger Marshall Islands Cup race. The race, jointly sponsored by Marshall Islands Resort and Mobil Oil Micronesia, was won easily by Tiem Clement of Namdrik. Kadede Lemon of Ebon was second. For the second year in a row a Namdrik canoe and captain has won the Marshall Islands Cup race. Vicki Clement and Jadede Erakdrik of Namdrik won the women’s race, paddling on the same “Wut Kajro” canoe that won the men’s race.

Journal 5/15/2009

P3 Local film a hot item Locally-produced film Ña Noniep is a hit with customers in Majuro and Ebeye and US mainland Marshallese. Sales have exceeded expectations, with the initial order of 1,000 DVDs nearly sold out and demand still high. Producer Jack Niedenthal told the Journal this week he has placed a second order — originally planned for 500 DVDs, he increased it to 1,000.

P17 30pc more houses in DUD “Amazing” is the way planners are talking about the explosion of homes in the downtown area of Majuro. Fire years ago, the planning office surveyed Majuro and found 1,700 dwelling in downtown. A just-completed survey shows that number has skyrocketed to 2,388 dwellings — more than 30 percent increase.

P20 Kelen switches council’s tack New Kili/Bikini/Ejit Mayor Alson Kelen says he has “lots of learning to do” in his new job as mayor of this important outer island local government. He looks at budget cuts the KBE Council has been forced to make because of global financial meltdown as less of a problem and more of an opportunity and a challenge to overcome. The current situation — which has seen the KBE annual budget drop from a high of more than $12 million in 2000 to $7 million this year, with further cuts expected for next year — “forces us to look into the details,” Kelen said. “We’re not going to make promises to buy an airplane, build a bridge or buy a ship. We’re going to take small, realistic steps.”


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