SV Kwai’s new phase

Marshall Islands Shipping Corp. and Okeanos crew and others on board the SV Kwai before a test-run sail as part of a training program last week. Photo: Bolden Elanzo.

A hands-on sailing training jointly implemented by GIZ and the Ministry of Transportation was held last Thursday on SV Kwai cargo ship.

During its six months in RMI, the Kwai has played an active role in hauling copra from the outer islands to Tobolar for milling, and transporting goods to remote islands for sale.

With over 30 people on board the Kwai, Captain Ross Berkmann and Chief Mate Christine Shyne taught seamen from the Marshall Islands Shipping Corporation, the Okeanos Foundation of the Seas and interested fellows basic skills in handling the various sails of SV Kwai.

The ship set sail before midday for a leg in the lagoon setting the different sails with the support of the seamen to advance their knowledge of handling the sailing vessel.


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