MIHS enjoys an unusual day

Running races were among a slate of competitions that followed a walkathon to close out Education Week at Marshall Islands High School last Friday.


MIHS got off to a rocky start with no organized school-based activities for Education Week, while other schools were marching along with theirs throughout last week.

The largest high school in the country was still in instruction mode. However that changed when the school administration conceded to the student leaders request for a field day as a closing to Education Week.

The plea became a reality last Friday as some of the school’s population converged at Rita Alwal to start off with a parade to the school campus. This is the first field day since the school returned last September and most students were looking forward to this moment.
Around 9:30 in the morning Majuro Local Police Force escorted the crowd equipped with posters adorned with written texts and images relating to this year’s education week motto “Etak in Wa.”

The scheduled power outage on that day didn’t deter the school by postponing the activity as they were prepared with a generator to keep the games going. Upon arriving, MIHS went straight to the field day games for the next three hours consisting of tug-of-war, relay, coconut husking, balloon popping, and many more. There were four teams — red, green, black, and grey — trying to prove themselves on the field. Refereeing was assigned to selected teachers alongside a few student body officers. Emotions were running high between the teams as the games got more complex.

The most sought-after game was a tug-of-war male contest between the top two teams green and red. The rope was held on tightly and both sides didn’t budge. After an exhilarating back and forth exchange, team green got the upper hand and pulled themselves to victory. The school went wild after the clash between the two formidable teams.

Overall, green came in first place followed by runner-up red, third place black, and last place grey. The event concluded at 1pm just in time for students to get their lunches.
MIHS Vice Principal of Academic Affairs Timoci Ratidara said to the Journal that this year’s field day had a great turnout compared to previous field days. An MIHS teacher added, “it was short and sweet just the right amount to spend the day.”


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