MIHS honors 23 students

tw-pic-6-10Journal 6/10/1974

P1 Convention delegate election ho hum Election Day June 4 for the upcoming Constittuion Convention of all six districts of Micronesia. In most districts it was an election day like any other, with a fair representation of voters taking place. In the Marshalls, however, where the question of voting or not voting was the issue at hand, a very poor turnout was reported.

P9 23 named honor students Honor students from Marshall Islands High School (MIHS) were tapped today for membership into the US leading high school honorary, The Society of Outstanding American High School Students, announced William Nelson, principal of Marshall Islands High School. The following students were awarded the honor: Helen Heltera, Kira Jally, Marilyn Jacklick, Anella Billy, Henry Patrick, Juan Lokot, Meria Lemari, Zion Thomas, Clement Capelle, Kanchi Hosia, Bernice Joash, Freddy Capelle, Queenie deBrum, Lydia Riklon, Jackeo Relang, Anderson Takiah, Tom Thomas, Juliet Jelke, Piera Subillie, Carlden Jormeah, Emeram Adiniwin and Kathleen Paul.

Journal 6/14/1991

P1 Drive to stamp out STDs Health Services will launch a massive syphilis screening program next month in Majuro and Ebeye in an effort to stamp out the sexually transmitted disease. The mass STD screening campaign follows 18 months after a similar national program that tested some 15,000 Marshall Islanders and aliens. The January 1990 campaign is credited with dramatically lowering the number of cases of syphilis, said Dr. Neal Palafox, the medical director of preventive services.

P16 Channel widening explodes with excitement The bangs you may have heard near Majuro’s bridge especially around low tide are not part of the French bomb testing program. Instead what you heard was the Joint Venture team of PII and McConnell Dowell exploding up to 26 pounds of Tovex explosives at a time on the reef that lies oceanside of the bridge. At the request of the Marshall Islands government, the Japanese government is funding improvements that will wide and deepen the channel.

P19 Maryknoll hopes mission is first of many Maryknoll High School of Honolulu has sent a group of eight students to the Marshalls on a mini-mission. The students and their chaperones, campus minister Cathy Agor and theology teacher Ted Stepp, have come here in an effort to extend the school’s outreach program beyond the local community in Honolulu to foster a global perspective among Mayriknoll students. The group will tutor Assumption High School students in English and math, do handiwork around the school, and participate in local culture.

Journal 6/16/2000

P1 Where were you at 3am Monday? Local divers joined an historical “international dive-in” on Monday with thousands of other divers doing their thing all at once. In the Majuro dive group: Bako Divers owner Jerry Ross, visitor JP Ross (no relation), Bikini’s Jack Niedenthal, Outrigger GM Robert McConnell, Outrigger security chief Hirobo Obeketang, and Francine Goldkopf, self-described as the “surface support Goddess” for Bako Divers.

P3 Only 25% of RMI students graduate with four-year degrees Of the 800 Marshallese students who have received RMI scholarship aid since 1986, just over 200 have gained degrees, according to scholarship board member Ben Graham. “It’s not a good ratio,” he said. “Several million dollars was given to students who didn’t complete their studies.”