Namdrik happy with water

The Namdrik community was joined by government VIPs for the blessing and opening of the Japan-funded 50,000 gallon water catchment.

A VIP team joined Namdrik Atoll for a celebration of the Japan-funded water cistern project at Namdrik Elementary School last week.

The project amounting to $89,898 was funded through the Grant Assistance for Grassroots Human Security Project (GGP) through the Japan Embassy in Majuro. The ceremony was witnessed by Minister of Culture and Internal Affairs Jemi Nashion, Namdrik Lerooj Kikiko Kabua Hiram, Namdrik Member of Parliament Wisely Zackhras, Mayor Clarence Luther, council members, teachers and community residents.

The project involved the Namdrik Atoll Local Government constructing a 50,000 gallon water cistern at the compound of Namdrik Elementary School. It is to be used by students and other residents. The aim is to provide a reliable and consistent source of water, which will help the community to be safe and resilient especially in times of drought.

On behalf of the Ambassador Norio Saito, Japan Embassy First Secretary Mariko Senda congratulated all involved in completing the project. She said the primary concern of the Japanese Grassroots Grant Project is to support basic human needs.

“Japanese people and government would like to assist community and residents in need of essentials such as water, sanitation, health and education,” she said. “It is, therefore, a pleasure and honor for the people and government of Japan to cooperate with Namdrik Atoll Local Government to solve a crucial water problem, for the sake of health, life and also for the sake of human security of all the residents.”

Nashion addressed the importance of water for the residents of Namdrik and expressed gratitude to Japan for supporting the project. Zackras recognized Japan for its assistance and thanked all the people who devoted themselves to the project.

The Government of Japan launched GGP in 1996 to respond to various development needs at the grassroots level with schools and hospitals as well as local governments and NGOs in the RMI. As of June, the Embassy has granted 151 GGP in the RMI.


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