New power plant deal

Journal 5/10/1985

P1 Compact hits minefield In a statement that did not mince words, a key US Congressman whose endorsement of the Compact of Free Association is considered essential to its passage asserted that “it is not in the best interests of the US to approve the Compact without change.” House Interior and Insular Affairs Committee Chairman Morris Udall in a statement to Rep. Stephen Solarz said “I cannot support the Compact as it has been proposed to the Congress.” Udall told Solarz that he was working with Rep. John Seiberling and outspoken Republican Compact opponent Don Young of Alaska to attach far-reaching amendments to the Compact.

P2 Evacuate Washington Perhaps the answer to the radiation problem on Rongelap Atoll has finally been found, albeit unintentionally, by the Department of Energy, which discounts fears of lingering radiation hazards with the now well-worn analogy that Rongelap radiation levels are no higher than those in Washington, DC. The DOE would do well to explain to Washington residents how their city resembles an atoll that was contaminated with fallout from at least four separate nuclear tests. If Washington is as “hot” as Rongelap, and Rongelap radiation is equal to or higher, in some cases, than islands in Bikini, then the answer is obvious: evacuate Washington, DC without delay.

P15 Unak in Bako are champs The strong Unak in Bako team took the championship in the four-day Constitution week basketball tournament at the MIHS gym. The Bako nipped Ebeye 40-36 behind hot shooting of Jack and Brenson, who had 14 and 10 points, respectively. Aruo scored 10 for Ebeye.

Journal 5/9/1997

P1 Winner Morton Jikit from Namdrik proved that he’s the best after winning his second canoe race in less than a week. First, he won the Outrigger-sponsored Marshall Islands Cup Friday, then a second race on Tuesday which was organized to include sailors from Lae, Ujae and Lib who arrived in Majuro over the weekend.

P7 NCT nears $60m in claims Compensation claims approved by the Nuclear Claims Tribunal are close to $60 million, according to Tribunal officials. But new claimants — there were 63 awards between January and the end of March — are receiving only 25 percent of their total awards because the Tribunal has nearly exhausted its funding base. “We’re telling the government that the money we have is totally inadequate to compensate all claims,” said Tribunal Chairman Oscar deBrum last week.

P11 Breaking ground Traditional leaders, government officials, Outrigger Hotel execs and Youth to Youth in Health staff got together Friday for the groundbreaking ceremony on the west side of the Outrigger where an outrigger canoe house/canoe building facility will soon be going up as part of the promotion of canoes by Waan Aelon Kein/YTYIH. At the groundbreaking were Foreign Minister Phillip Muller, Waan Aelon Kein Project Manager Alson Kelen, Outrigger Vice President Dorsey Brady, Outrigger General Manager Laverne Salvador, Lerooj Toej Alberttar, YTYIH Director Marita Edwin, Internal and Social Welfare Minister Brenson Wase, and Irooj/Mayor Mike Kabua.

P14 MEC-Deutz sign new power plant deal The plan for Majuro’s new 13-megawatt power plant took another step forward last Friday with the signing of a contract between MEC and Deutz, the firm that is building the engines.

P15 Big fat zero The Billfish scoreboard said it all after a disappointing day fishing last Saturday. The 11 teams that took part in Saturday’s fishing tournament came home with tails between their legs after a dismal day’s fishing. Wina-puka; Bluebird-zip; Kijon Kan-NQ; XXXX-NQ; MINTA-NAI; Baby M-0; White Boat-Nada; Keith Henry-ejjelok; Floozie-nothing; First Lady-zilch; Jamie-doughnut.

Journal 5/9./2008

P3 Koo’s new Majuro home Koo’s Fishing Company opened a new three-story office building in Majuro last Friday, adding a significant improvement to the Delap industrial area.

P3 Fiber optic cable deal ready to be signed The US Army and its prime contractor, TKC Technology Solutions LLC, could sign an agreement this month to officially launch the multi-million dollar submarine fiber optic cable project to Kwajalein. “It will be a positive and significant milestone indicating the military truly is moving forward,” NTA General Manager Tony Muller told the Journal. “It will also enable NTA to finally wrap up everything in terms of its participation.”

P18 Carl’s plan to give people a $ break The RMI’s national planner is urging the government to look at ways to “help put money back into people’s pockets” as the economy deteriorates from skyrocketing prices. Carl Hacker, director of EPPSO, is urging as a first step that the Ministry of Education reduce or eliminate school registration fees for all public schools “to give some much needed financial relief to people.”


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