Power plant deal signed

Journal 5/11/1983

P1 Customs officer on postal inspections Reaction to the newly instituted customs collection at the RMI main post office was heated the first day but cooled off over the next few days, reported customs officer Ira Allen in an interview. Speaking while at his desk in the rear of the post office, Ira said all packages are being opened and taxes are being paid either by check or cash. On Monday, 10 boxes of cigarettes were released by Gushi Brothers, but to date no other cigarette imports are on hand for release.

Journal 5/10/1996

P4 Congratulations! The Marshall Islands Scholarship, Grant and Loan Board saluted eight Marshallese students who completed their college degrees: Saane Korean Aho, University of Portland, biology major; Yumiko Crisostomo, University of Hawaii, Hilo, chemistry major; Benjamin Graham, University of Hawaii, economics major; Sheryl Keith, Baylor University, biology major; Zachraias Zackraias Pacific Basin Medical Officers Training Program, medicine; Tom Jack, Pacific Basin Medical Officers Training Program, medicine; David Paul, Lemoyne University, pre-law major; and Christopher deBrum, University of South Carolina, political science.

P6 James thanks Billiet In a rare magnanimous display of statesmanship, Rongelap Mayor James Matayoshi recognized former Rongelap leaders for their contribution to the just-approved funding for Rongelap’s resettlement fund. In a press release issued to the Journal, Matayoshi thanked former Mayor Billiet Edmond, the former council and Rongelap Senator Johnsay Riklon. The campaign leading up to the Rongelap mayoral election last November was one of the most bitterly fought in recent memory, and Matayoshi was the subject of harsh public attacks. “Even though we have our differences, we are people of Rongelap and we have started to win after too many years of waiting,” said Matayoshi.

P17 MEC signs with Deutz Marshalls Energy Company officials signed a letter of intent in Honolulu last week with representatives of Deutz, the German company that won the bid to build the new power plant for Majuro. “It’s a good deal,” said MEC General Manager Billy Roberts of the price of $10.35 million for a 12.5 megawatt power plant.

Journal 5/11/2007

P1 Mission impossible? Most people probably believe that, after two flights, the Japan Airlines charter service is now a settled, foregone conclusion. But an old, thought-to-be-resolved problem reared its head this week, throwing not only the scheduled June 30 flight, but all future JAL flights into question. The tractor tug required by JAL for its Boeing-767, purchased more than four months ago by the RMI Ports Authority, did not arrive before the first JAL flight in February, and missed its April 30 Port Authority-promised arrival date.

P3 Hosia wins Cup for Ebon The National Cup outrigger canoe race was held this year in conjunction with the RMI National Games, with Mart Hosia, captaining his Ebon canoe, “Kakinono,” to a first place finish. He was followed in short order by Morton Jikit, sailing the “Wutlum” canoe for Namu, and Sammy Abija sailing “Liktaltol” for Ailinglaplap.

P10 Tourism picture looking bright The future of tourism is the brightest it has ever been, the RMI’s former tourism boss told the Journal last week. “In 1998, when we opened MIVA, many people said ‘you’re dreaming — who wants to come to the Marshall Islands?’” said Ben Graham, the first general manager of the Marshall Islands Visitors Authority. “But now it is happening.”

P33 Jaluit High School third quarter honor roll 12th grade high honors Tony S. Alik, Juslinda Lomae, Lurok Riketa, Lisako Hiram, Jashua Riketa, Loryann Bungitak, Brenda Samuel, Jane Mian, Sweeter Kaious, Michael Ati, Albina Kios, Robert Lolin and Frederick Teiko.


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