RMI coins investigated

Journal 6/14/1985

P7 A man for all seasons The Marshall Islands Sports and Recreation Club said goodbye to one of its most dedicated members this week. Mike Musgrave wasn’t the only active member in the club. It seemed, however, that he was always available when something needed doing and worked tirelessly getting it done. He never missed a day during the recent Little League season, he never fished two consecutive fishing tournaments because there was too much work to do on the docks as an organizer and supporter of the local fishermen, he spent long hot summer days by the lagoon teaching swimming to a pack of lovable kids, coached his softball teams year around, helped to organize runs, races, constitution day athletic events, tennis tournaments and the like. How did a fellow like Mike, a full-time teacher-principal at Majuro Cooperative School, find time to do all this? In his own words, “It was easy, you just find time to do it!”

P16 Bako top basketball league Unak in Bako came back from a half-time deficit to beat the Ikarars 60-44 last week at MIHS gym. Hackney led the Bako’s second half comeback, scoring most of his game-high 19 points in the third and fourth questions. Danny chipped in scoring 12 points. Dusty had the hot hand for Ikarars, scoring 18 points and grabbing 13 rebounds.

Journal 6/13/1997

P1 Taiwan $ sought for N-waste plan The start of a nuclear waste feasibility study depends on funding becoming available, Minister Litokwa Tomeing said in an interview with the Journal. But it is possible that it could begin soon because Taipower, the agency that operates Taiwan’s nuclear power industry, is willing to pay for at least part of the feasibility-related costs, he said.

P1 Kill N-waste pact Kwajalein Senator Ataji Balos said he intends to use his authority as chairman of the Nitijela’s Committee on Foreign Affairs and Trade to insure that the Marshall Islands “will not consider in the future any agreements pertaining to the storage or disposal of radioactive wastes from other countries.”

P3 RMI launches coin investigation Following the appearance last week in Majuro of two Germans with suitcases full of Marshall Islands commemorative coins that they wanted to trade for hard cash, the Marshall Islands government suspended the redemption of coins. An investigation into the commemorative coin program is also being launched because of concern that coin dealers and individuals may be trying to cheat the government. A key element of the commemorative coin program is its status as “legal tender,” meaning that the coins have the same value as money.

P17 Aiming for Palau Games Local basketball players and coaches are setting their sights on Palau and the Micronesian Games in 1998. The reorganization of the Marshalls Basketball Federation is stimulating planning for the 1998 Games. Sandy Alfred, president of the federation, said he believes that the Marshalls has a good shot for winning the basketball championship at the Palau Games. “The name of the game is to get prepared, to give the boys a good opportunity to win in Palau,” he said. Members of the newly formed federation include Alfred, Joe Tiobech, Rusen Abraham, Betwel Lekka, Jeffery Wase, Aruo Aluka, Giff Johnson, Hemly Benjamin and Daniel Andrew.

Journal 6/13/2008

P2 Why are fewer leaving? The following question is raised by declining out-migration statistics for 2007 and the increasing economic hardships in Majuro and Ebeye: Were people migrating to the US out of desperation in the past, and are they now so desperate that they can’t afford an airline ticket? “The strong and rapid increase in the cost of living here will definitely encourage more migration (to the US),” Ben Graham told the Journal this week. But, he said, skyrocketing inflation may be making it increasingly difficult for lower-income families to come up with the money to buy tickets to migrate.

P13 A very laplap party Does real life mirror legends from the past? It would seem so, going by Sandy Alfred’s recent win in the big Ailinglaplap outrigger canoe race held last month. The name of his canoe was “Kibad,” and the idea for the name came from his mother, Cradle. This gives Sandy an A+ in the “listening to his mother” category, which is the main point of the story of the famed Ailinglaplap legend of Jebro and his mother Liktanur. By listening to his mother, Jebro gets to use the first sail, zooming by older brother Timur, who was in too much of a hurry to start to take his mom with him. Further mimicking this great tale, it was Sandy’s older brother Maynard who came in second. So now the brothers are being called Jebro and Timur — though Maynard, unlike Timur, hasn’t gotten too mad at Sandy since second place carried a nice $15,000 prize. That’s enough to keep you smiling even if your younger brother outdoes you.


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