RMI gets Covid-19 test gear

Pictured with the the RMI’s new Covid-19 testing gear, from left: Health Secretary Jack Niedenthal, Lab Director Paul Lalita and Medical Chief of Staff Dr. Robert Maddison. Photo: Hilary Hosia.

Four Abbott ID Now Testing machines along with coronavirus test supplies arrived Majuro this week on an Asia Pacific Airlines cargo flight. This represents the first time since the outbreak of the coronavirus last December that the Ministry of Health and Human Services has on-island Covid-19 testing capability.

The four machines, two each for Majuro and Ebeye, come with 120 test kits each for Majuro and Ebeye. Another thousand test kits were ordered by the Ministry of Health and Human Services earlier this week.

The US Interior Department funded the purchases of the coronavirus test equipment and supplies, which was bulk ordered by the regional Pacific Island Health Officers Association for RMI and other US-affiliated Pacific islands.

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