RMI’s first boxing match

TW-pic-7-8Journal 7/9/1976

P3 The myth of unity The big news on the second day of the Trusteeship Council’s 43rd session was the petition of the Marshall Islands delegation calling for the immediate separation of the Marshall Islands from the rest of the Trust Territory and for the eventual independence of the Marshalls. The delegation’s presentations included three major speeches by Tony deBrum, vice chairman of the Marshalls Political Status Commission, Marshalls Congress of Micronesia Representative Ataji Balos, and legal counsel George Allen. Also attending from the Marshalls were Nitijela floor leader Jina Lavin, Iroij Kabua Kabua, Mike Kabua representing the Kwajalein Employees Association, and Washington-based legal counsel Jonathan Weisgall.

Journal 7/12/1991

P1 18 marlin caught on last day “It was the 9th Annual Marshall Islands Fishing Tournament.” If you were there, that sentence is all you’ll need for the rest of your life to remind you of one of the greatest sporting events you will ever have attended. Thirty one boats participated. Anton deBrum kept the President’s Cup with two big ones on Friday. Helley Kajeong broke the annual tournament record with one of Friday’s nine billfish. Then on Saturday, 17 teams helped create the new record of 18 qualifying marlin landed in one day.  On Saturday, Kashma Minor’s Rainbow Brite team landed five marlin.

P5 Topping off party a big success MAKO held a topping off party on June 29 to celebrate completion of the Majuro office building’s roof and to honor the hard work of its employees. Mr. Ji of Mako Inc. singled out Kim Byung Moo, his general foreman. In Korean tradition they danced around on the stage for a moment dousing each other with open cans of beer.

P8 First amateur boxing match The Marshall Islands saw its first amateur boxing exhibition last night at the Marshall Islands Club in Uliga. The match was a fundraising activity for Marshall Islands Fitness Club which is being run buy Andrew Bing and Young Kennedy. Boxers for the matches included Ron Lewis, Henry Lajima, Kimura Masanoby, Bantory Mojilang, Christopher Bing, Ruter Telene, Sam Luther, Tobin Jemodre, Ned Lautiej, Mody Regala and Ebot Austin.

Journal 7/14/2000

Meck Island missile launch.
Meck Island missile launch.

P4 Greenpeace protest catches Army unaware at Kwajalein Greenpeace activists Meika Huelsmann from Germany and James Roof from the US unfurled a banner on Meck Island, Kwajalein, last Saturday just minutes before the high-profile intercept missile tests. The banner read: “Stop Star Wars — Greenpeace.” The pair walked unmolested into the launch site of a key US Army missile test Saturday afternoon. “The protestors landed on Meck Island in Kwajalein and nobody was around,” said Greenpeace official Alice Leney in a telephone interview from Kwajalein Atoll. Meck is the island where rockets are launched against incoming reentry vehicles fired from Vandenberg Air Force Base in California. “(The Army didn’t) know we were on the island until we walked into the area where there were television cameras (monitoring the launch area),” said Roof. “Soon after that, Army officials appeared and asked them to leave the launch site. But Roof said they explained that they were there to peacefully protest the missile shot and the Army would have to arrest them. The missile test, fired a few minutes after Roof and Huelsmann were detained by the Army, failed both from Meck and Vandenberg. But Leney said Greenpeace protestors couldn’t take credit for causing the missile miss since they didn’t actually interfere with the test. But he said, “we certainly put the cat among the pigeons at the critical moment.”