Rocket debris on Mejit

Journal 5/9/1970

P1 April weather 2.87 inches of rain — Least since initial record started, 1955.

P1 Rocket debris falls on Mejit Reports circulating about Maujro concerning parts of a missile falling in and around Mejit Island have been verified. The people of Mejit reported seeing a bright flash of light during the night night about four weeks ago. The next morning a great deal of debris was found scattered about the island, they said. On April 16, more than two weeks after the missile fell on the island, Kwajalein Liaison Officer Jon Beavers arrived with Army officials. They said the missile had been fired from California, wandered off course and exploded high over the island. He told the islanders the incident should not have happened and would not happen again.

P2 MV Mieco Queen effects evacuation on Ujae A two-year-old child suffered serious head injuries resulting from a fall on Ujae Atoll this week. According to Radio KUP65, MV Mieco Queen evacuated the child to Ebeye hospital.

P4 Sawej Brothers store expands Sawej Brothers Company expanded its store last week. The company warehouse and the old Peace Corps office were remodeled, adding an 80 by 30 foot addition to the former store. The main attraction is a large dry goods section. Donut and ice slush machines will soon be added, according to owner Toke Sawej. It is located on ocean side road in Uliga.

Journal 5/7/1993

P1 ADB emerges as major economic partner The Asian Development Bank is fast becoming a major player in the Marshalls’ economy. Combining current and expected loans and technical assistance projects for 1992-1994, ADB is injecting more than $37 million into the Marshalls. That is nearly $750 for every person in the country. “This is the fastest developing country program that I’ve ever seen,” said Marshalls program officer Paul McCabe, a veteran ADB official based in Manila.

P1 Nothing to it Michael Halferty easily outpaced AMI co-worker Greg Grimes in the coconut red climb on his way to winning $1,000 and RRE’s 43rd anniversary Ironman Triathlon last weekend in Majuro.

P22 Majuro’s monthly rainfall April 1992 .36 of an inch; April 1993 14.13 inches.

Journal 5/7/2004

P3 Copra down again, lack of shipping to blame The Marshall Islands is on track for a sub-4,000 ton copra year, which would make it the third time in the last six years that copra has dropped below that mark. By comparison, from 1951 to 1996, there were only two years that copra production dropped below 4,000 tons. During the first three months of this year, copra pickups trailed off as a result of fewer ship visits to the outer islands.

P10 Diplomatic uproar President Kessai Note and Papua New Guinea Ambassador Tarey Eri were chatting after the envoy presented his credentials last Thursday at the capital building. It was all light chit-chat comparing notes about the two rival colleges that they attended in PNG back in the early 1970s, rugby and the like. Then it turned grave. “I’m really upset with your government,” says Kessai. And for a moment, you could hear a pin drop it was so quiet in the room. “Why’s that?” the ambassador ventured. Because, says the President, it wasn’t until the year after he graduated and returned home that the PNG government started allowing women to attend his college.