School floats delight Majuro

Majuro Baptist Christian Academy students livened up their school’s Culture Day float with island songs to the accompaniment of ukuleles and guitars played by the boys at the front of the float. Photo: Wilmer Joel.


Lutok Kobben Alele culture ceremony last week wouldn’t have been exhilarating without the prodigious float parade with all the Mrs. Wut and Mr. Kapeel from each of the nine high schools in Majuro. Each of these contestants represented the tools and flowers that embody the Marshallese culture.

Organizing and taking charge of the parade was Uliga Councilwoman Neilani Ackley alongside the Lutok Kobban Alele 2021 committee. It was a parade that got everyone in the community to get out from their houses and even the schools to greet these contestants as they went by on the road. The participants were decked out with their cultural attire and adorned vehicles that captured the attention of people who came out to greet them. The names of the contestants and their high schools, alongside what tool and flower they represented:

• Wutilomar and ekkwal, Rita Christian, Melanie Laidrik and Kyle Anjain.
• Tiare and madre, SDA, Melinta Lewis and Tyson Bokloj.
• Kajdro and jeltok, MIHS, Jasmiann Ebol and Morris Jekkar.
• Konnat and droon, MBCA, Elizabeth Kaneko and Glawd Edwards.
• Plumeria and jobwe, Laura High, Lena Samson and Kesler Joash.
• Limbok and ranke, Coop High, Hiroko Obeketang and Dexter Carland.
• Ulej and wapepe, LSA, Myra Domnick and Hancee Lometo.
• Kono and lemwieo AHS, Zoe Abraham and Elbon Bejang.
• Kiob and beka, Rongrong, Crystal Jotai and Hemin Lometo.

The floats started from the end of the Rita, Alwal to Delap Park. Despite the pouring rain, the smiling and waving from these contestants didn’t dim their manit (culture) spirit and kept them intact in their positions. Upon arrival they were arranged into a lineup to showcase and present their items and representations to the dignitaries and the judging panel which consisted of Daisy Alik-Momotaro, Josepha Maddison, and Hermon Lajar.

After numerous captivating presentations from each of the contestants, Mr. Kapeel and Mrs. Wut of Marshalls Christian High School brought an entourage of students from the school to conclude the Manit Program with some thrilling biit performances.

After a duration of evaluation and consultation by the judges, They announced that Marshall Islands High School won the Mr. Kapeel and Mrs. Wut float contest, with Assumption High School as the runner up and Majuro Baptist Christian Academy in third place.


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