SSG Sam’s family honored

RMI EPA Deputy General Manager Kimber Rilometo, left, assisted with delivery of gifts from Texas-based soldiers for the parents of the late SSG Solomon Sam, Rev. Harry and Teaoi Sam. Photo: Eve Burns.

Kosraen soldiers stationed in Fort Hood, Texas started a softball tournament in 2018 to honor soldiers who have died from the Micronesia region, including RMI, and to bring pride to the loved ones left behind.

The fourth annual Island Warriors Memorial softball tournament is happening the July 4 weekend in Killeen, Texas.

In addition to the tournament, the group sends gifts to the families of the “fallen soldiers” on Memorial Day to remind families that their loved ones are not forgotten.
Gifts are usually an Island Warrior jersey with the deceased soldier’s name and date of when he or she died.

Last week the parents of SSG Solomon Sam, Reverend Harry Sam and his wife Teaoi, met with EPA Deputy General Manager Kimber Rilometo, who arranged a video call with SGTs Peter Nena and Paul Ismael who are at Fort Hood.

They had already arranged for gifts to be sent to Majuro for the Sams in honor of SSG Solomon, the only Marshallese soldier to date who has died in action. Solomon died in an IED attack on his convoy in Iraq in the mid-2000s. The CMI basketball court is named in his honor.

His parents expressed their appreciation to the Micronesian Army team for the gifts and the thoughts behind hem.


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