Thousands of youth set to arrive

TW-2-19Journal 2/22/1974

P1 Population in TT over 114,000 Census figures for the Trust Territory were released last week. As of September 18, 1973, the total Trust Territory population was 114,973. District populations: Marianas (14,335), Marshalls (25,044), Palau (12,674), Ponape (23,251), Truk (31,600) and Yap (7,869). (Note: in the early 1970s, Kosrae was administratively included as part of Ponape.)

P3 Kusaie wish gains support Once again the people of Kusaie have obtained lip service to their desire to become an independent administrative district in the Trust Territory — this time from the Congress of Micronesia itself. A delegation of island leaders from Kusaie observed the passing of a resolution urging action by the High Commission, as Senator Polycarp Basilius recalled that since 1966, the leaders of Kusaie have been journeying to Congress to press their case.

Journal 2/22/1991

P1 MAKO Inc. pours in new record MAKO, PII and MWSC employees teamed up to pour the longest continuous concrete pour in Marshall Islands history. The event took 23 hours. The coordination among the various concerns was said to be “without parallel.”

P6 Businessmen unhappy with tax structure Businessmen and accountants are reluctant to go on record but taxes is a subject they love to talk about. The 1989 net income tax structure for businessmen is bad, they say. The enormous amount of paper work discourages businesses from opening, especially local businesses. “I won’t pay any taxes this year,” said one businessman. “With the net profit tax I can label my expenses in such a way that I lose money.”

P11 Capital building can be repaired Construction on the capital building will begin again in April. A high-placed source explained that special equipment will be brought in which will enable workers to install pilings inside the building. The pilings will go deep under the foundation.

P19 6,200 youth to swamp atoll The day of the youth is drawing nearer, and the United Church of Christ, which is the largest denomination in this nation, is preparing everything so when the youth come, they won’t find any difficulty. According to Rev. Jude Samson, the youth rally is going to being June 16 for two weeks. He said this year, 6,200 youth are going to show up.

Journal 2/25/2000

P1 Good ’ole boys tell Al to call High-powered Mississippi law firm to take Kwaj landowners to center stage of Compact talks. Leading Kwajalein landowners have hired a major American legal firm to represent them in Compact talks and have told the US to call them when it’s ready to talk. The law firm of Richard F. Scruggs may not be a household word in the Marshall Islands, but Scruggs is credited with engineering the first victory against the American tobacco industry in the mid-1990s, which resulted in a $4 billion settlement for the state of Mississippi where he is based.

P15 Note, Cabinet join business seminar President Kessai Note and most of his Cabinet as well as a number of senators, participated in an investment seminar Monday at the Outrigger sponsored by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Forum Secretariat.