US funds solar for Namdrik

US Embassy and Namdrik Atoll representatives gathered last week at Delap Park for the handover of a container with 100 solar units for Namdrik Atoll. Photo: Geovannie Johnson.

Representatives of Namdrik joined in a soft handover ceremony with the US Embassy for a container-full of solar units.
Among those present was Namdrik Nitijela Member Wisely Zackhras and Mayor Clarence Luther. Luther presented US Ambassador Roxanne Cabral with two beautiful jakis (mats) during the program in thanks for the US government funding that supported purchase of the solar equipment.

Namdrik Alele Local Government received a $350,000 grant through the US Department of Interior’s Office of Insular Affairs Technical Assistance Program. The funds supported purchase of a solar-powered energy network to provide 100 off-grid stand-alone solar photovoltaic systems with battery backup for homes on Namdrik Atoll.
Power in the atoll is limited, non-existent, or unreliable – restricting atoll residents from activities after sunset.
The new systems will be installed for homes, churches and other facilities on Namdrik, according to Zackhras.


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