World tour for patients

The food services staff at Majuro hospital are producing tasty special international menu treats every other month for inpatients, with this latest offering on Good Friday.

We showed these photos to Majuro people, asking: “What restaurant is cooking this food?”

We received various comments: Flame Tree, Tide Table, etc. But no one thought to say, Majuro hospital. Yes indeed, Armando Reyes and the hospital food service team are churning out a special international cuisine menu every other month for hospital patients.

This past weekend, reflected in the photos, was Arabic cuisine: Traditional Lebanese rice, Fabulla, bean and chick peas, beef stew, Arab Fatush Salad and traditional fruit Cocktail. How about Mozzarella cheese and kidney bean soup?

One local guy, upon seeing photos of this international cuisine offering at Majuro hospital, immediately called up Health Secretary Jack Niedenthal and asked to be admitted so he could have a tasty dinner.

Among the great food styles chosen to titillate the gastronomic juices of the local inpatient citizenry, the hospital crew has delivered to hospital patients Filipino, Korean, Chinese, Japanese and Mediterranean (Greek) food, said Health Minister Bruce Bilimon. “As part of our service improvement efforts, especially serving in-patients, please see attached international menu served last Friday and special Happy Easter Menu. Intention is to go around the world so our patients experience and hopefully appreciate our diverse international menu service.”


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