Bonus for 16 Days of Activism

This spirited volleyball game was among activities to wrap up the 16 Days of Activism against domestic violence. Photo: Eve Burns.


Although the closing of the 16 Days of Activism already happened November 10, it did not stop the National Olympic Committee, Red Cross, WUTMI, Micronesian Legal Services, Internal Affairs and Minister Kessai Note from hosting and attending a series of events last Saturday at Delap Park.

Red Cross presented awards for volunteers who have devoted their time in helping and volunteering in the community. The presentation was followed by track and field events and a volleyball tournament.

Red Cross provided delicious burgers and hotdogs, cold sodas and bottle water for participants.

This event was previously scheduled for the week before but was cancelled based on a weather forecast. But the weather didn’t comply with the forecast, leaving a nice day with no activities, which were bumped to this past weekend. Kessai said “we shouldn’t have trusted the weather man,” it turned out the weather was good but everything has already been cancelled. He advised, “Always have a plan B.”

At Saturday’s event, Volunteer of the Year Award was awarded to the person who has contributed the most to the communities of the Marshall Islands in the areas of first aid, disaster response and recovery, community awareness, and upholding the values of the Red Cross movement, the late Dilia Mares.

Leadership and first aid was awarded to Silia Peter, additional volunteer of the year awards went to Elbert Bejang and Otto Keju. Volunteer and community engagement awards went to Tony Kabua, Ijo Langkieo and Miman Akira.

The 60-meter race under-16 winners for boys were Jimmy Riklon, Emosi Meitokana and Yanche Wang. Male open dash: Jeki Lanki, Sakeo Tomo and Peter Filolita. Female 16 under went to Kania Jack.

For girls under 18, first place Angelica Digno and Paulini Maitokana second place. Female open dash, first Rose Burns, second Chantelle Rogers and third Sera Manako.
Shot put male 16 under winners went to Emosi Meitokana, Viliame Osbourne, and Damien Filemoni.

Under 18 for shot put only one participated and it went to Percy Jackson. Open male shot put first place Joshua Ralpho, Nathan Whippy and Jubelee Ishiguro. Female 16 under shot put also has one participant and it went to Kania Jack. Male discus under 16, first place went to Viliame Osbourne and second place Yanche Wang. Open discus for men first place John Alefaio, second Peter Filolita and third Joshua Ralpho. Women open discus first place went to Gade Maitokana and second place to Chantelle Rogers.

Participants enjoyed ice cream though out the event and went home with cash prizes.


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