Christmas spirit ramps up

Randon Jack, in white, led the Christmas tree lighting event in style on Monday at the old capital building area. Photo: Wilmer Joel.


Chilly air, drizzling rain and Christmas music really set the vibe for the annual Mejerik Club’s Christmas lighting ceremony. The Christmas lighting started during President Christopher Loeak’s administration. Later, the Mejerik Club was formed and made the lighting ceremony an ongoing special event.

It is one of the most enjoyable things to do on island during Christmas time, as enjoyable and looked forward to as Christmas Day biit and the Christmas parade.

The Mejerik Club, representing First Lady Ginger Kabua and the wives of Nitijela Members, as well as some local businesses and ROC Embassy, sponsored the Christmas lighting ceremony.

The subcommittee who planned and designed the event is composed of representatives from the Ministries of Public Works, Culture and Internal Affairs, Finance’s Division of International Development Assistance, and Natural Resources and Commerce.

Randon Jack led the ceremony in a fun and exciting manner.

Acting President Jiba Kabua welcomed all the guests who came to witness another spectacular lighting show.

Mejerik President Darlene Korok thanked all the sponsors who helped make the event possible again and on behalf of First Lady Ginger Kabua she wished everyone a Merry Christmas.

Randon in his beautiful safari outfit led the group of excited children to different section of the capital to do the countdown for the lights to be lit up. Children screamed with a lot of excitement.

The night continued with many photos, candies and sandwiches. Santa Claus showed up and took photos with many families till 10pm. Fun fact about Santa is that he’s better known as Robert Taylor who is a parent at Majuro Cooperative School.


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