Intense school basketball championships

The victorious high school boys and girls teams from Majuro Cooperative High School celebrated their double championship in the Sports and Extracurricular Program-sponsored school basketball league that concluded this past weekend. Photo: Wilmer Joel.

What stood out in the Sports and Extracurricular Program (SEP)-sponsored school basketball league championships last week was the intensity of the competition and the closeness of many of the final scores — which is to say that for the fans, these games were a roller coaster of emotion as the scores see-sawed from one team to the other. 

As “evidence” of our claim, we offer the following: Ajeltake Elementary girls defeated Majuro Coop in a middle school showdown, 40-39. Then Majuro Middle School boys slipped by Coop’s team, 46-45. 

The boys high school championship was another doozy, with Coop winning, 64-63, over MIHS. How about those scores? 

Coop High School girls — unseated last year by Marshall Islands High School after a nine-year run as the undisputed champions of girls high school basketball — took “their” title back last weekend with a runaway victory over MIHS, 67-29. 

In elementary boys, Rita Elementary defeated MBCA 46-34.

In college basketball, CMI Navigators defeated USP 1, 48-33. 

In the “honorable mention” category for best team name was: CMI Meal Plan 101.


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