Kwaj-RMI basketball series

TW-pic-5-6Journal 5/7/1976

P11 The Nite Life by Stoney Talking with my Australian buddy Geoff Clark who just came back from Australia, he was saying about the service on Air Nauru is really excellent, and they really using their motto, “We’ll fly you across the Pacific and give you the best service you ever come across.” I believe in what they say about Air Nauru, I told Geoff cause when I went down Nauru last year, they treat me good. After that Nagel told us about Air Mike! Air Mike’s motto, “we move our golden tail for you!” But when I came from Honolulu they really give me a lousy service. Like what Nagel? I asked. Well, you see, they serve sandwiches on the plane. The stewardess came with sandwiches. I used to fly on Air Mike seven to 10 times in one year, and I know what the good sandwiches and the bad ones look like, so I picked two ham sandwiches, but my friend sit beside me, he just pick all kinds of sandwich. But when he saw me eating ham sandwiches, he asked me if I can exchange with his, so I gave him the one and half sandwiches, and I wait for the stewardess so I can ask to get some more sandwiches.

Hey mam, can you give some more sandwiches? I’m sorry, but we still got plenty people to feed. If, there’s any leftover, please bring me some. OK, I’ll see that you get some more, but when I asked my friend Ricky who was sitting next to me for some of his, he say no more, and I say to myself, oh no, look like I’m not gonna eat. After that, the stewardess came back with at ray full of sandwiches. I thought, she was bringing them for me, but it was all for the fat couple who was sitting behind me and Rick. When the stewardess left, I asked the fat couple, when you through can you pass over to me your leftover. They didn’t say anything to me, they eat them all. You know what came to my mind Stoney, black people are better than white cause if that couple were Marshallese, they would have share their sandwiches with me, even though they don’t know me. I asked Nagel, who was the stewardess? It’s an American girl. If that was a Micronesian stewardess, she would have gave me some more sandwiches. Maybe they out of sandwiches? I asked. No, they still got plenty. They should hire all Micronesian cause they done better job, like Air Nauru, all island girls stewardess and they treat you nice.

Journal 5/10/1991

P4 Bad month, April Grant Gordon just back from South Korea where he and Mr. Ji went to check out more equipment and supplies. Grant said he worked his posterior off. If course, not many believe this. He did tell me that his venture at the Yacht Club has gone kaput. He said the ice cream magnates from Long Island, Bill and Harry, have taken over. “What was wrong?” I asked. He told me, but I won’t print it. You’ll have to ask him yourself. He said he lost a friend in the process. He also told me he lost his iron, too. Seems that his wife, make that his ex-wife, came home to borrow his iron. She said she was going to the church. She hasn’t come back. He said April was rough. Lost his business, lost his friend, lost his iron, lost his wife. He said he really misses the first three.

Journal 5/12/2000

P20 Special delivery Bikini Liaison Jack Niedenthal hands over checks worth $3.6 million to Bikini Mayor Tomaki Juda on Wednesday, following approval of the special payment by the US Congress, President Clinton and the Interior Department. The Bikini local government began distributing the checks the same day.

P20 Kwaj-RMI basketball showdown It’s basketball showdown time this Saturday when the first game in a weekend series between Kwajalein and Majuro teams kick off. The RMI national team will have its hands full with the tall and talented Kwajalein team. Marshall Islands High School will challenge Kwajalein High School on Saturday following the national team game at the ECC gym.