Lib launches big project

A Pacific International Inc. vessel is off-loaded at Lib Island last week by local residents carrying boxes and containers across the reef. PII will create a pass through the reef to make access easier. Photo: Joe Bejang. 

The small community of Lib Island celebrated the launching of the new Lib Island boat pass dock project with a groundbreaking ceremony last week.

The over $1 million project will improve access to Lib, which is a single island surrounded by reef making it difficult to access the island from the ocean.

Pacific International Inc. is the contractor.

At the groundbreaking, Lib Clerk Odrikawa Jatios was MC, Mayor/Irooj Kili Drile James Kabua spoke for traditional leaders, PII Manager David Kramer represented his company, Nitijela Member Kalani Kaneko delivered remarks on behalf of the RMI government, Reverend How Bunglick blessed the project, and Mayor Lee Bejang and Lib Nitijela Member Joe Bejang thanked everyone involved in the project on behalf of the people, irooj, alap and local government. 

In addition to the speakers, others involved in the ceremonial groundbreaking included Acting Mayor on Lib Elmi Kuli, Councilwoman Helenta Bejang Lari, Councilman Laibuj Jerwan, Councilman/landowner Risen Anej, Reverend How Bunglick,  and Lib Clerk Odrikawa Jatios.


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