Life on Ebeye unbearable


Journal 7/19/1983

P4 Complete Bible translation to be celebrated The new translation of the complete Bible will be dedicated Sunday July 24 at Uliga Church. The work of more than 15 years will be dedicated at a celebration service led by the leaders of the United Church of Christ, the Roman Catholic Church, the Assembly of God, and Seventh Day Adventist Church. This will be the first complete translation of the Bible. Alice Buck, coordinator of the project, together with many of the tralstors and reviewers will be present. Fr. Hacker from Ebeye will be coming. Rev. Erakrik Samuel and Rev. Larry Burton of the Assembly of God Church will assist in leading the service. Also participating will be Rev. Jude Samson of Majuro and Rev. Pijja Matauto of Ebeye UCC. Charles Heam will be one of the SDA leaders participating.

P5 Dance fun Malan’s Skyword Band and Dance group performed last Saturday at the Likrok Entertainment Center. The group of youngsters ranging in age from six to 16 will again dance July 22 at Retty Reimers movie theater.

P5 Economic zone established A proclamation to establish an exclusive economic zone for the Marshall Islands was recently signed but President Amata Kabua. The proclamation says that the zone “will advance the development of ocean resources and promote the protection of the marine environment.” The zone extends 200 nautical miles.

P8 Active anglers Ramsey Reimers, Anton deBrum, marshals Billfish Club President Tom Michels and Misao Capelle will compete in the Tokyo Billfish Tournament which is being held in Japan July 23-25.

Journal 7/21/1995

P1 RMI cashes in on US defections The Marshall Islands ship registry is rapidly expanding its resume of ships as more American companies reflag their vessels here. The future for US government subsidies for shippers looks grim and American companies say it is too expensive to continue to operate under the US flag without government support.

P13 Kiwis back JADA plan The New Zealand government is supporting the Jaluit Atoll Development Authority by funding a project to stimulate fisheries-related activity  on the southern atoll. JADA President John Bungitak thanked Ambassador Brian Marshall and New Zealand for its strong support.

Journal 7/21/2006 

P1 Ebeye reaches breaking point Daily life on Ebeye has become unbearable and the Kwajalein Atoll Local Council has called on the national government to declare a state of emergency of the overcrowded island. To underline the point, Ebeye’s one working generator went down at 11pm Tuesday and as the Journal went to press Wednesday afternoon, the entire island was still without power.

P3 What are we going to do? Billy’s leaving! The news zipped through Majuro the way unwelcome news has a tendency to: fast and faster. “Billy Roberts has resigned.” Roberts, the general manager of the Marshalls Energy Company, has been such a mainstay of RMI government operations for more than 20 years that his impending departure — in October — is sparking much comment and concern, mostly centered on how the government will find as versatile an individual to replace Roberts. He has earned a well-deserved reputation as a troubleshooter and “go-to” guy to get things done for RMI national government leaders, from the administration of first President Amata Kabua to current President Kessai Note.

P8 Smiles all around The first 11 graduates of the Diabetes Wellness Center celebrated their achievements during the intensive two-week initiation phase of the program. They spent several hours each day at the Wellness Center at Majuro hospital attending courses, exercising, and participating in cooking classes to learn new techniques for living a healthier lifestyle.

P29 Three I-Kiribati drift for 70 days Three I-Kiribati men drifted for more than 70 days in a small outboard motor boat until they were found late last month by a Taiwanese purse seiner. The men are Teiwaki Kaikai, George Hugil and Jenimoa Ieiato.


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