Most RMI graduations cancelled

Majuro Baptist Christian Academy graduating seniors gathered with family and friends for their graduation ceremony April 30 at the school in Rita. Photo: Wilmer Joel.


Graduations in the Marshall Islands have been an on and off situation: Some happened, most are not.

The Public School System issued a memo last week Tuesday advising that the National Board of Education had decided all graduations should be cancelled. Most public schools have been planning for some weeks to have alternative events that do not involve crowds.

Last Thursday, Majuro Baptist Christian Academy held its graduation, intended as a small event, but once in motion, grew into a normal style graduation ceremony.

This week, private schools SDA and Majuro Cooperative were awaiting further notice from Minister of Education Kitlang Kabua who promised to have a meeting with National Board of Education regarding these schools desire to hold graduations. “I am happy that she has taken this opportunity to listen to the school communities and reflect on the decisions made by her team,” said Coop Principal Kevin Drew. Both Delap schools hope to hold graduations.

Marshall Islands High School Principal Barbara Ned told the Journal that they will do a graduation diploma presentation and post it online for the everyone to see. As for the parents or families who have no access to the internet, they will have to find a way to see the presentation.

Laura High School will also post their graduation online. “It is what it is to safeguard our students, ourselves, our families. There shouldn’t be any gatherings whatsoever,” said Vice Principal Jenki Tibon.

Ebeye Jabro School will have no graduation ceremony. “I feel bad about it but the parents seems relieved,” said Principal Holly James.

Assumption School Principal Victoria Capelle told the Journal they will not have a graduation ceremony for they are sticking to the Ministry of Education advice to schools to discourage large gatherings. “I feel kind of upset but I looked beyond that and I feel grateful now because I know something good is yet to come,” said Carnie Reimers Assumption senior.


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