NCT issues first check

TW-pic-8-19Journal 8/27/1976

P6 What They’ve Said by Mary Browning In the view of Donald F. McHenry, the problem of finding a proper political status for Micronesia has been essentially an unsuccessful effort to reconcile conflicting American and Micronesian interests. McHenry’s exploration of the problem has been published as Micronesia: Trust Betrayed, by the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace. Two attempts at solution have been made. The first was in 1947 when the traditional American view that self-government was best for everyone collided with the strong belief that it was essential to international peace that the US retain control of the islands. The result of that attempt was the strategic trust concept. It certainly was no solution

The current dilemma is the same — except that new complexities and new voices, those of the Micronesians themselves, have added. A different perspective on the Solomon Report is also offered. McHenry does not see it quite as the “ruthless” plan which many considered it to be, but rather as an effort to “reconcile altruism and US self-interest.” He believes that, if the recommendations of the plan had been implemented, the result would have been immediate increased development for Micronesia.

Journal 8/23/1991

P1 NCT issues first check The first payment of a claim for a medical condition under the auspices of the Nuclear Claims Tribunal was made today to Paul Irujiman in the Tribunal’s conference room.

P3 Rehab turns old building at MIHS into great asset One substantial improvement on Majuro is now being utilized, much to the benefit of students at Marshall Islands High School. According to MIHS principal Troy Barker the rehabilitation of the original vocational shop and girls’ dorm building into a two-story facility of shops and classrooms is a big improvement on the campus. Classrooms are being used both for vocational training and also for courses in the general high school curriculum.

Journal 8/25/2000

P4 Trend reversal Government agencies and boards have a tendency to be dominated by guys in this country. Try this for a reversal of the trend. By naming Saane Aho to be administrator of Social Security, the board has put the first female administrator in the history of the Marshall Islands to head a major government agency. The Cabinet has also ensured that Social Security has the first board ever in the Marshalls to have a majority of women on board.

P4 Assumption trivia According to Assumption figures, 45 percent of the students at the elementary and high school are non-Catholics.

P19 Bye-by gentle Dr. Jack “He’s painless.” “Jack’s the best I’ve been to anywhere.” “Honestly, he won’t hurt you!”

Rare answers to a question about a dentist. But as RMI residents know all too well, Dr. Jack Shannon is a gentle man and a dedicated, caring health official who, sadly, is set to fly out on September 6 after over nine years in Majuro. “I’ve worked for the US Public Health Service for 30 years, and that’s their limit for working,” said Jack a little ruefully between patients at Majuro hospital dental clinic this week.