A royal MIHS celebration

11th graders Goodwin Silk and Maryann Kiluwe bask in the glory of being named the Marshall Islands High School’s King and Queen for 2021. Photo: Chewy Lin.


Marshall Islands High School (MIHS) enhanced the Culture Week spirit and celebration with their second Mini-Manit King and Queen Pageant last week at the school’s compound.

The idea of establishing a King and Queen contestant came from the former student body government officers of 2019-2020 which was approved by the school administration and became part of the Manit Week activities, with Kainoah Kaminaga and Theda Bresh as the first ever King and Queen winners from the Filipino community. This event offered an opportunity for various communities at MIHS including Marshall Islands, Fiji, Kiribati, Philippines, and Solomon Islands to showcase their attire and unique traits in regards to their culture.

These communities are based on the most common ethnic groups that are in the school whether they were students or teachers. Each grade level from pre-9 to 12th grade had its own community representative as listed below.

• Pre-9: Teraoi Naibunaki and Namiko Nashion (Kiribati)
• 9th: Leban Lang and Beverlyn Anjolok (Solomon Islands)
• 10th: Emosi Maitokana and Daina Lafita (Fiji)
• 11th: Goodwin Silk and Maryann Kiluwe (Marshall Islands)
• 12th: Julius Muertuge and Masino Kulene (Philippines).

The crowds went absolutely wild with each entrance of the Kings and Queens with an entourage of boys and girls carrying the flag and materials that symbolized the quality of their culture. They displayed their waves and smiles all for the support of their respective communities.

Despite a good show of competition from each of these contestants, the judges unanimously proclaimed the Marshallese Community King and Queen Goodwin and Maryann as the winners. Not only winning the grand prize but all the awards including people’s choice awards and best costume. Tears were overflowing and laughter of joy were heard echoing from MIHS affirming the audience approval of the newly announced winners. They were awarded $20 each and school supplies from the school administration.


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